Carolina Sparkle Party (Berliner Weisse)

4% ABV, 8 IBUs

We use a traditional Kettle Sour brewing method and a hint of Brettanomyces to add depth and tartness to this light, German Wheat Beer. A party in your mouth!!!

Freedom Park Pale (American Pale Ale)

5.2% ABV, 40 IBUs

Citrusy, floral notes from Cascade hops pair perfectly with a malty, caramel backbone and medium carbonation. Balance is key.

Juicy Jay (East Coast IPA)

6.3% ABV, 68 IBUs

Mosaic, El Dorado and Cascade hops join in harmony to produce a juicy, tropical treat with a distinct, dry finish. Each of these hops will dance along your tongue and gather for the grand finale.

Project Pils (Pilsner)

4.8% ABV, 15 IBUs
The latest version of our ever-evolving Pilsner. American Saaz hops add floral notes and mild bitterness, while Pilsner malt lends a grainy sweetness and a crisp, dry finish. This beer is perfect to be consumed with friends in mass quantities.

Deepest, Darkest Secret (Black Ale with Grapefruit)

7.2% ABV, 60 IBUs

Inspired by a North Western classic, the Cascadian Dark Ale. This hop forward beer melds deep, roasted malt character with citrus notes from Cascade hops. A post-fermentation addition of grapefruit brings depth and bright fruit character to the forefront.

Dank Baby Juicy (East Coast IPA)

5.2% ABV, 73 IBUs

A tiny baby brother to our beloved flagship IPA, Juicy Jay. With a lighter body complimented by aggressively dank CTZ and the pungent fruit character of Citra hops, this little brew has enough attitude to stand beside his big brother.

**Hot Fuzz (Jalapeno-Peach Kettle Sour)

5.7% ABV, 13 IBUs

A mouth-watering, effervescent Kettle Sour brewed with 100% Riverbend Malt and locally sourced jalapenos and peaches.

Dough Boy (Pretzel Ale Fermented With Sourdough)

Wheatie Bird (Wheat Ale)

5.6% ABV, 29 IBUs

The Bird is the Word! Light, tangy and bursting with lemon character, Wheatie Bird offers the beer equivalent of an ice cold lemonade on a hot day. This beer blends a traditional Wheat malt bill and a zany American hopping schedule to create a highly quaff-able and unique beverage.

Carolina Cones (Dry Hopped Saison)

6.8% ABV, 25 IBUs

Classic Saison brewed with hefty amounts of oats. Cascade, Nugget, and Chinook wet hops from Fools Errand Farm in Laurel Springs, NC. Finally dry hopped lightly with Citra to add a citrusy American twist.

Orange Cow (Milkshake DIPA)

7.8% ABV, 77 IBUs

A creamsicle-inspired Double IPA. Lactose, whole vanilla beans, and heaps of oats contribute a fully body and a silky-smooth finish. Hand-zested fresh oranges highlight the existing citrus notes from Citra and El Dorado hops.

Adventure Tap (Ask what’s on!) – $5 per glass, $1 of which will be donated to Charity

Legion is committed to the notion of corporate citizenry. Currently these charity proceeds fund local non-profit organizations.

*10oz pours or $3 tasters.