Hello, Friends!

Legion Brewing Company was born from the ethos that sharing good beer with friends is one of life’s great pleasures. That spirit of culture is alive in our both neighborhood here in Plaza Midwood, as well as at our second location in SouthPark! Legion Brewing’s goal is to be a constant uniting force of community and great beer here in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

Come join us for a beer

We have chosen a symbol of friendship as our flagship brand; two arrows crossed at the center.  Native American tribes used this symbol to represent the bringing together of two clans. In essence, Friendship.

Our beer honors this standard as well; embracing our sense of place here in the Carolinas and the diversity and warmth and pride of home from this unique neighborhood.  We are driven to push the boundaries of making innovative brews that taste of those influences. We do this using seasonally available, local Carolina and American ingredients in both traditional and innovative ways.

At our core, every member of Legion Brewing recognizes that none of us got where we are today on our own.  We stand on the shoulders of those who inspired, influenced, and taught us along the way.  Thank you… It is because of these people that we are here today, offering our best to our customers and friends – old and new.

Come join us for a beer. We welcome you to our Legion of Friends! #friendsandbeer