Red Leader Standing By

- by Bill Craver

All wings have checked in. Legion Brewing is ready to celebrate its two-year anniversary, and our staff has pulled out all of the stops. Among them, the Brew Staff is releasing a very special barrel-aged beer – one that was brewed in mid-2016 and has been aging in our cellar ever since.

Cleared for launch, we call your attention to Red Leader (Barrel-aged Raspberry Sour, 6.2% ABV, 35 IBUs). This beer began its life with an enviable grain bill, which included pale, wheat, caramel and dark chocolate malts. Once brewed, we transferred the beer into whiskey barrels and added NC Raspberries to the mix. As delicious as that sounds, we weren’t prepared to send Red Leader on an attack run against the Death Star just yet.

Red Leader would have to cool his jets in the hanger – American Oak barrels in this instance – long enough to soak in a proton torpedo’s worth of whiskey barrel goodness. Now, a year-and-a-half later, Red Leader’s S-foils are locked into attack position. Expect this brew to boast an intense berry aroma, subtle barrel nuances, and a tart complexity. Roger that, Red Leader!

“Much as it was with the limited number of skilled pilots available to the Rebel Alliance, this is a special release that is in short supply. Red Leader is super noteworthy to me because it is one of the first releases from our barrel-aging, sour program,” interjects Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin.

“Raspberries add complexity to an already-dynamic recipe, imparting a red fruit twang with a hint of sweetness,” Scott continued. “If I were an X-Wing fighter pilot returning from a successful sortie, I would definitely enjoy sipping on some Red Leader on the trip back to the Rebel base.”

While this beer won’t be leading a team of pilots to blow up the Death Star, we do expect it to be received with great fanfare. A special release for Legion’s two-year anniversary, we hope as many Legion Friends as possible will raise the call sign of Red Leader during the celebration of this milestone. Whether or not you feel the need to accelerate to attack speed on your way to the Taproom is up to you…