Stay a Little Lager

- by Bill Craver

“Now your Daddy don’t mind.  And your Mommy don’t mind. If we have another dance – yeah just one more – one more time.”

  • ‘Stay’ by Maurice Williams


Part in parcel with the ongoing Craft Beer Revolution has been a widespread consumer adoption of IPA’s, even leading to the proliferation of self-described Hopheads. Far more flavorful than mass-marketed brews, hop-heavy ales are unquestionably enjoying an extended moment in the sun.

As much as Legion customers love IPA’s – including one in particular – our brewers have also been reflecting about what people love about lagers. Cold-brewed for a refreshing crispness, beer drinkers have been enjoying lagers for hundreds of years. We asked ourselves: ‘What if we could brew a distinctively smooth lager with an extra kiss (or three) of hops for today’s consumer?’

No longer a simple thought experiment, Stay a Little Lager (6.2% ABV, 35 IBUs) is the result! This little lager is an easy-drinker with loads of hop flavors. Sure to please, a generous malt bill front runs a veritable rush of citrus hops with the crisp, clean finish of a true lager. (Brewers’ Note: The lager yeast strain, instead of overpowering the primary ingredients, brings the character of the hops and the malts even further to the forefront.)

To give Stay a Little Lager the citrus characteristics that Legion customers have come to expect in a hoppy beer, we sourced a unique hop varietal that Legion’s Brew Team discovered on a recent hop-sourcing mission. Medusa Hops, a truly American crop, is native to the New Mexico area. Its inclusion gives Stay a Little Lager an herbal spiciness and pronounced citrus tones, including guava and passionfruit.

“I’ve been wanting to brew a hoppy lager for at least a year now,” declared Associate Brewer, Patty Lodge. “With Stay a Little Lager, we built upon the lessons we’ve learned from brewing various iterations of our flagship lager, Project Pils. In contrast to brewing an IPA, this brew entailed a much more delicate procedure because we had to balance the pilsner malt and the lager character with this much hops.”

Calling all Hop Heads: Legion has a lager on tap that you need to check out. And if it scratches that flavor itch, maybe you’ll decide to have another and stay just a little bit longer…