Legion Baby Announcement!

Earlier this week, the Legion family grew by one with the arrival of a baby boy, Sullivan Arrow Lodge!

Legion Brew Staffer, Patty Lodge and his fiancé Ashley Whalen report that Sully made his debut at 12:33 pm on his due date, 10/02/17. Weighing in at 8lbs 1oz, Sully is 21 inches long and already sports a head of Patty’s signature black locks.

Mom and Dad would like to thank all of their prayer warriors as well as their good vibes tribe. All four members of the Lodge tribe (including big sister, Luca) are doing great! Early reports suggest that Sully is extremely chill and loved so much already. Fellow Legion Staffer, Brittany Smith has already gotten some baby time in!

Since Legion Brewing opened in 2015, Sully is the fourth new arrival to the Legion family. Kicking things off, Justin and his wife, Elise, brought Baby Harper into our Legion. Fellow Taproom Staffers, Ryan and Kimber each welcomed babies within weeks of one other during 2016. Ryan and his family have moved to Asheville, but Kimber’s baby ‘Adelaide’ is a frequent visitor to the taproom with her parents.

We’re all looking forward to getting to know Sully, and we suspect Baby Lodge will be spending some quality time around the brewery before too long…