The Little Red Hen

- by Bill Craver

“Who will help me take the wheat to the mill?”

  • The Little Red Hen


Given Legion’s roots as a farmhouse-style brewery, sometimes people around here think a good ol’ barnyard tale is in order. Talking animals, familiar subjects, simple plot lines, old-fashioned morals… What’s not to love?

In the classic tale of The Little Red Hen, a diminutive chicken finds a grain of wheat and asks for help from the other farmyard animals to plant it, but alas… they all decline… so she has to perform the task all by herself. At every stage (harvesting, milling, baking, etc.), the hen again solicits help from the other animals, but each time is turned away.

Once her bread is baked, not surprisingly, all of the previous non-participants eagerly volunteer to help out during the eating stage. After consideration, The Little Red Hen declines their offer, reminding them that no one helped her when there was work to be done.

Thankfully for those of us at Legion Brewing, Alexa and her team of Brewers are accustomed to doing all of the work related to brewing the beer we serve. They don’t ask anyone, including random farm animals, to mill grain, mix in hops, boil wort, add yeast, or monitor fermentation. Essentially, our Brewers to do everything it takes to make delicious beer like The Little Red Hen (Farmhouse Red, 7.9% ABV, 27 IBUs).

Locally-grown and malted Riverbend grain forms a charming backbone to balance this beer’s delicate yeast-derived character. The Little Red Hen benefits from a rustic ester profile that evokes visions of Carolina farmyards, all the while paying homage to the rich brewing traditions of Belgian farmhouses.

“When I drink this beer, I think of a little red hen wandering around the outside of a farmhouse,” muses Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin. “There’s a rusty tractor to her left that’s rotting a little bit. The fence needs to be stained. There’s dew on the grass. Everything is quiet, but I can hear the wind whistling softly across the nearby meadow.”

Whether or not you possess Scott’s fertile imagination, we hope that you will stop by the farmhouse that we call our Taproom for a glass of The Little Red Hen. And not to worry if you weren’t around a few weeks ago to mill the grain for this brew. This time around, we’re making sure The Little Red Hen is a creation to be shared with everyone…