Dark Intentions

- by Bill Craver

“Vampires, werewolves, fallen angels and fairies lurk in the shadows – their intentions far from honorable.” – Jeaniene Frost


Like many of life’s endeavors, people usually venture into brewing with the best of intentions. Homebrewers, having shared their creations with friends, invariably dream of pouring their brews to an even wider audience.

It’s human nature to want everyone to love one’s products, brewed or otherwise. Legion’s brewers go to great lengths to make flagship beers that our customers come back for again and again. We also work hard to create seasonal offerings that keep our lineup fresh and satisfy those consumers who continually want to try what’s new.

And then there are those special times – times when we want to make a beer so irresistibly delightful that our brewers pull out all the stops, spare no expense, and perhaps delve deeper into the fantastic. One might say these instances reflect an example, not of the purest intentions, but perhaps ones of a somewhat darker nature.

In the planning stages, Legion’s Brew Staff contemplated a silky-smooth Breakfast Stout. It would rest atop a malt bill highlighted by Copper Fox Malted Oats and a Peachwood Smoked Malt. This sounded like a winner, but the question remained: How to make this beer simply irresistible?

The addition of NC molasses and cocoa nibs got our brewers closer to their goal. Could it now rival the mystique of Turkish Delight, as cunningly served by the White Witch of Narnia? As it was… perhaps not quite. That’s when we dialed up our friends at Pure Intentions Coffee, who created a Guatemalan blend especially for this brew. And, with that, it all came together…

Aptly named, Dark Intentions (5% ABV; 43 IBUs), one might consider this brew as a complete breakfast in a glass. It strikes a gorgeous balance of bitter chocolate and silky sweetness. Despite hailing from a robust style, Dark Intentions has a clean finish that highlights the litany of flavor additions that our brewers gave this beer.

“This is a devilishly drinkable beer,” notes Associate Brewer, James Rutledge. “Coffee lovers might be wary of stockpiling Dark Intentions at home, as it may be difficult to lay off of in the morning.”