Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber

Sometimes products name themselves. At Legion Brewing, we think about names like Juicy Jay, Juan Direction, and Komrade Shokolad. How could these beers be called anything else? And if they were, would they be as delicious?

At other times, a product comes along that simply defies description. We seem to have run across one of those products with our latest brew, a Brett IPA that we’re calling Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber (5.9% ABV, 26 IBU). While we don’t exactly have a random naming generator at Legion, we do have some folks with some fairly random thoughts running through their heads most of the time. In this instance, Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin seemed to think that Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber was the perfect name for this brew.

A twist on the classic American IPA, Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber began its life in a manner similar to most Legion beers with a malt bill heavy on locally-sourced grains from our friends at Riverbend and Epiphany malt houses. For its signature element, this brew was fermented with a unique strain of yeast called Brettanomyces Bruxellensis (a.k.a. Brett). This yeast contributes stone fruit esters, mild tartness, and a restrained funk.

Of course, since we’re talking about a Legion IPA, Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber is heavily hopped with fruit-forward American hops. Since it was dry hopped after a lengthy fermentation period, that process brought out a multitude of fading hop flavors.

“Tart notes and funk from various microorganisms add layers and complexity to the IPA style,” notes Alexa Long, Head Brewer. “One aspect that I appreciate about this beer is that the bitterness level found in Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber is modestly lower than would be expected for a clean hoppy beer.”

So, what’s in a name? If you ask Scott, Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber evokes the kaleidoscopic rainbow effect of a shimmering liquid. In Scott’s mind, he believes that if this power could be fashioned into a futuristic, combat beam weapon, it would most likely be capable of cutting through any substance known in this galaxy. While we had a difficult time verifying or refuting Scott’s assertion, those of us at Legion who live in this part of the known universe are fairly convinced that Rainbow Aqua Beam Saber will definitely quench one’s thirst on a sun-drenched, patio afternoon…