Arriba! Arriba! Juan Direction is Back

- by Bill Craver

At Legion Brewing, one of our favorite aspects of being in our Sophomore Year is the ability to re-brew seasonal, fan favorites from our first year such as Maple Canyon and Komerade Shokolad. If you harbor fond memories of either, then hold onto your sombreros, because here comes another one – just in time for Cinco de Mayo – Juan Direction (Margarita Gose, 4.7% ABV, 13 IBUs).

We think nothing goes better with Cinco de Mayo celebrations than beer and margaritas.  After doing some research, we couldn’t find a rule against blending the two of them together. So… last year, we decided to take up this challenge.  And our customers responded – quite favorably!

Inspired by a classic margarita, Juan Direction was brewed with limes and oranges that were juiced, zested, and… wait for it… soaked in tequila. The result is a funky fusion of bright flavors with sweet, salty, sour, and citrus components. Saddle up to this delectable beverage and you’ll be enjoying a highly-carbonated, tart and fruity wheat ale with a restrained coriander and salt character.

“The entire brew staff is really excited about releasing Juan Direction for the second year,” exclaimed Associate Brewer, James Rutledge. “We spent the better part of a full day zesting and juicing limes and oranges – the aroma in the brewhouse was incredible!” James continued. “As the weather warms up around this time of year, I always find myself sauntering into a Mexican restaurant to order a fresh margarita. For me, Juan Direction absolutely quenches that craving.”

Thinking back, when we released Juan Direction in 2016, we named it after a fictional character, Juan Sanchez.  According to legend, he was raised under modest circumstances in the salt flats of Guadalupe, yet always harbored grand dreams of stardom. Despite being scolded by the village elders for his unbridled ambition, Juan and his friends decided they would reach greater heights, move out of their small village, and together, they would be somebody!

For them, there could only be One Path, One Way, One Direction – that direction was upward. Pretty soon, everybody in the pueblo started calling him ‘Juan Direction.’ Juan always knew that his destiny lay well beyond the cactus-filled desert of his forefathers. And he was right!

As an homage to Juan’s vision and compunction, Legion Brewing named our first margarita gose after this headstart young man. So, just as we did last year, we invite all of our customers to kick back with a pint of Juan Direction, look to the sky, and explore grand dreams of your own…