‘Tonic the Hedgehog’ Powers Up!

- by Bill Craver

Even though Legion Brewing is still a relatively new kid on the block within Plaza Midwood, we love welcoming others to our home neighborhood. Coming soon: Undercurrent Coffee, just a few doors down from the brewery! We couldn’t be more excited to have another great spot nearby for our customers and employees to hang out in and enjoy. So much so, that our Brewers decided to roll out the red carpet in style by teaming up for a celebratory, collaborative brew.

“Diana Sapp from Undercurrent Coffee is extremely knowledgeable about coffees and teas. I’m looking forward to brewing a coffee beer with them as well,” reports Head Brewer, Alexa Long. “What Undercurrent is bringing to the neighborhood is very unique, and we can’t wait for them to open.”

For the collaboration, our new friends at Undercurrent sourced Malabar Herbal Tonic, a veritable witches’ brew of special ingredients, including ginger, turmeric, Malabar black peppercorn, lemongrass, and licorice root. Our Brewers dropped this mysterious concoction into the whirlpool, post-boil – joining a wort based upon grains of Riverbend Wheat and Flaked Oats alongside Pale & Honey Malts.

Side-scrolling into a taproom near you: Tonic the Hedgehog (American Wheat, 5.5% ABV, 15 IBU). Expect a deep gold color, balanced hop flavors, and serious contributions from the mystical Malabar tonic. Not only is this an awesomely refreshing brew, it’s truly unique – we haven’t run across another tonic-infused wheat beer.

While we are certainly not suggesting that Tonic the Hedgehog will give our customers power ups to catapult to great heights or reach supersonic speeds, we think it will be a welcome addition to our lineup of brews in the Taproom on warm, patio-drinking afternoons. And in the unlikely event that Evil Scientist, Dr. Eggman, shows up to conquer the world, this might be just the beverage to foil his plans.

Even though Tonic the Hedgehog probably won’t cause Plaza Midwood patrons to undergo a super transformation, we absolutely expect this beer to live up to the reputation of its endearing namesake by being a fast-moving, lively libation. With the Open Streets festivities coming to the neighborhood this weekend, we think the timing is absolutely perfect for releasing a spirited beer, such as this.

Whether your life’s mission includes locating powerful Chaos Emeralds, or perhaps just enjoying a good wheat beer from time to time, Tonic the Hedgehog is sure to please…