Released with Love, Razzie Fresh

- by Bill Craver

“Sitting with your friends because y’all reminisce about the days growing up and the first person you kiss… There’s an air of love and of happiness, and this is the Fresh Prince’s new definition of Summer Madness.”

  • Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

It’s not quite Summer, but the spate of warm weather we’ve been having in Charlotte reminds us that the season of easy living is right around the corner. Around this time each year, Craft Beer Lovers start anticipating the refreshing taste of brews punctuated with fruity notes. Since this customer desire isn’t lost on Legion’s Brew Staff, we are dropping what we hope will be a well-timed, fruited beer release.

To help our patrons make the transition, Legion Brewing proudly introduces ‘Razzie Fresh’ (Raspberry Saison, 7% ABV, 35 IBUs). Razzie Fresh was brewed with a hefty load of Epiphany base malt and wheat, making it a bold, yet smooth and approachable Saison. A generous addition of Western NC raspberries lends a fresh-picked aroma to this farmhouse ale. Overall, one can expect this beer to be a crisp, lively, and slightly tart Saison with an unmistakably alluring pink hue…

“Razzie Fresh is super refreshing and perfectly timed for the onset of warmer weather now upon us,” exclaims James Rutledge, Associate Brewer. “We added more than 350 pounds of raspberries post-fermentation. Adding fruit at that stage in the process allowed the raspberry flavors to stay within the beer, creating a balance of sweetness and tartness that makes Razzie Fresh a really unique brew.”

At Legion Brewing, we hope our customers will circle around Razzie Fresh, enjoying it as a source of refreshment and inspiration while anticipating the bounties of the upcoming Summer Season. If sharing this beer with friends causes some of our clientele to wax poetic about First Loves and other such good times from days gone by, well that’s great by us!

Sharing these memories is part of what Friends and Beer is all about…