Twisted Stem: A Collaboration

Bill Craver News

Marking another collaboration with a fellow North Carolina brewery, we recently teamed up with Granite Falls Brewing to create a truly one-of-a-kind beer that drew upon the craft skills of each brewery. After a number of ‘think tank’ sessions, the combined brew staff elected to brew a kettle-soured, cherry chocolate creation. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we might add…

Having agreed upon a rich malt bill, the collective brew staffs pontificated on how to add distinctiveness to this special brew. Ultimately, they decided to kettle sour the beer – a somewhat unusual step for a brew with such a dark chocolate malt base. To accomplish this, Granite Falls contributed an exotic fermentation starter known as a ‘Kefir,’ which kicked off the process in style.

The end result? Some may simply choose to call it delicious, but together with our friends at Granite Falls, we are calling it ‘Twisted Stem’ (Black Cherry Sour) 6% ABV, 12 IBUs. Montmorency cherries make themselves known in the flavor profile, balancing beautifully with decadent chocolate and tart notes. A creamy mouthfeel and lightly puckering finish round out this delectable brew.

“It was really fun working with Joseph Ackerman from Granite Falls. He is a really knowledgeable brewer with some fresh perspectives on the brewing process,” reported Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin. “The malt contribution gives this beer some cool chocolate, cherry notes. It actually reminds me of chocolate-covered cherries, which is really unique for a sour beer.”

Did we mention that Twisted Stem was dropping at both breweries just in time for Valentine’s Day? It is! In further support of this heartfelt holiday, 10% of the proceeds from this collaboration brew will be donated to the American Heart Association. So – whether you are in Charlotte or in the Mountains of Western North Carolina – bring your sweetie in for a pint of this tart chocolate libation. On this holiday, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate, or so we’ve been told…



About Granite Falls Brewing

In December 2012, the husband and wife Owners of Granite Falls Brewing purchased the original Granite Bottling Works. Following a painstaking build-out, the facility represents an adaptive reuse of a warehouse/manufacturing space into a supper club, eatery, and old-style “watering hole.” Situated contiguous to Downtown Granite Falls, the brewery, housed in a century-old facility, enjoys a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.