The Devonian

Bill Craver News

The Devonian Age was a significant time in the Earth’s history, taking place approximately 400 million years ago. It is during this geologic period that adaptive life forms left the oceans and began to spread across dry land. Early, plants and grasses took hold, forming extensive forests – some evolved leaves and roots, leading to the first seed-bearing plants. In nineteenth-century texts, the Devonian has been referred to as the “Old Red Age”, named for the reddish sandstone deposits associated with the period.

To pay tribute to this important moment in our planet’s history, Legion Brewing crafted an interpretive brew, ‘The Devonian’ (Barrel-aged Barleywine; 9.3% ABV, 79 IBUs). This beer began its cycle of life approximately three months ago as an American Barleywine that we affectionately refer to as ‘Chris Barley’ – a high-gravity, slow-sipper designed to warm your body and soul.

In creating ‘The Devonian,’ our Brew Staff racked off a few barrels of Chris Barley and cellar-aged the brew for a period of months in white oak, whiskey barrels. To this, we added a generous portion of raspberries, grown locally in Western NC, which gives ‘The Devonian’ its signature reddish hue. The complex blend of caramel sweetness, tart raspberries, and oak character creates an alluring aroma and a mouth-watering, pie crust element.

Head Brewer, Alexa Long notes, “Barrel aging gives us a chance to develop flavor profiles that can’t be achieved in a pure stainless environment. The Devonian benefits from oak and vanilla notes derived from the barrel-aging process.”

“As a brewery, we are committed to utilizing hand-crafted, artisan products,” added Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin. “Aging selected beers in wood vessels is a natural extension of the aspirational goal that we set for ourselves.”