Carolina Sparkle Party (Berliner Weisse)

4% ABV, 8 IBUs

We use a traditional Kettle Sour brewing method and a hint of Brettanomyces to add depth and tartness to this light, German Wheat Beer. A party in your mouth!!!

Project Pils (Carolina Pilsner)

4.8% ABV, 22 IBUs

Brewed exclusively with locally grown Pilsner malt produced by our friends in Asheville, NC at Riverbend Malt. Sterling hops add herbal characteristics and moderate bitterness that complement the grainy sweetness and a crisp, dry finish. To be consumed with friends in mass quantities.

Dos Amigos (Vienna Lager)

5% ABV, 19 IBUs

Unfiltered and Unafraid like “Two Friends” should be… this rustic lager was brewed with a traditional decoction-style mash to add a light, toasted malt aroma and flavor with just the right amount of hop bitterness to provide a balanced finish.

Freedom Park Pale (American Pale Ale)

5.2% ABV, 40 IBUs

Citrusy, floral notes from Cascade hops pair perfectly with a malty, caramel backbone and medium carbonation. Balance is key.

Juicy Jay (East Coast IPA)

6.3% ABV, 68 IBUs

Mosaic, El Dorado and Cascade hops join in harmony to produce a juicy, tropical treat with a distinct, dry finish. Each of these hops will dance along your tongue and gather for the grand finale.

*Try one of our fun Juicy Jay variants for a limited time! Pineapple, Blood Orange or Apricot!

Komrade Shokolad (Imperial Stout)

9.9% ABV, 65 IBUs

This dangerously drinkable libation is brewed with a variety of dark specialty grains and a heavy dose of
Chocolate Caramel Truffle Coffee sourced across the street from Nova’s Bakery. Allow smooth layers of milk
chocolate, creamy caramel, soft vanilla, and a touch of roast to softly coat your palate and warm your soul.


Why So Cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch Blonde)

ABV: 5.9% IBU: 12

Let your inner 8-year-old rejoice- we brewed this blonde ale with lactose and 400 pounds of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. The beloved cereal pops in the aroma and the sips are full of milk, cinnamon and sugar.


Wheating Wainbow (Hoppy Wheat)

4.7% ABV, 20 IBUs

As Reading Rainbow’s theme song so joyfully proclaimed, “I can be anything,” so too does our eponymously titled beer dream of marrying diverse tastes and styles. When the soft twang and mouthfeel of a wheat beer combine with the fragrant aroma of hops, your palette may find new heights of adventure and intrigue.

Maple Canyon (Maple Brown Ale)

6.1% ABV, 31 IBUs

A roasty, nutty,aroma paves way to notes of chocolate and coffee. A heaping addition of Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup adds significant sweetness and a whole canyon-worth of maple flavor.

Path To The Dark Side (Oatmeal Stout)

5% ABV, 30 IBUs

“If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” A rich & creamy oatmeal stout aged on American oak that offers roasted coffee & dark chocolate notes along with a balancing hop presence. Also available on Nitro for a limited time!

Adventure Tap (Ask what’s on!) – $5 per glass, $1 of which will be donated to Charity

Legion is committed to the notion of corporate citizenry. Currently these charity proceeds fund local non-profit organizations.

*10oz pours or $3 tasters.