Morning Midwood

Bill Craver News

“I could be a morning person – if morning happened around noon…”

– Unattributed quote


At Legion Brewing, we recognize that not everyone wakes up in the fullest expression of themselves, just raring to go each morning. Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, which is why millions upon millions of folks crave their morning coffee each and every day.

Here in Charlotte, we are fortunate to have some excellent purveyors of humanity’s preferred caffeinated beverage – Parliament Coffee Roasters being among our favorites! So when the Brew Staff decided to create another coffee-infused beer, our friends at Parliament designed a custom blend just for Legion, which we summarily dropped into this most-arousing brew. After much thought, we’ve named it ‘Morning Midwood’ (Coffee Double IPA, 7.7% ABV, 80 IBUs).

Legion’s friends and followers may recall that Morning Midwood is actually our third coffee-infused beer. For Valentine’s Day 2016, we released a coffee-infused, Russian Imperial Stout, Komerade Shokolad. A matter of months later, we introduced our customers to a Sumatra-infused Coffee Porter, ‘Rise and Grind.’ This brew, being a Double IPA, represents entirely different style altogether.  Despite a strong coffee nose, the straw color of Morning Midwood immediately sets it miles apart from any porter.

In addition to benefitting from cold-steeped coffee, Azacca hops bring subtle notes of orange and tangerine, complementing the pronounced acidity and fruitiness of the coffee blend. Crisp and drinkable, Morning Midwood completely avoids the dankness that often plagues Double IPA’s.

“In thinking about brewing another hop-forward beer, we always have to remain mindful that whatever we come out with will be sharing a tap handle with our flagship IPA, Juicy Jay.” Associate Brewer, Patty Lodge mused. “Morning Midwood is a stiff and delicious brew, perfect for getting your spirits up on a cold winter’s day.”

Whatever the time of day may be, we are excited to have folks from across the city come to our neighborhood, venture into our taproom, and experience the glory of Morning Midwood for themselves…