Maple Canyon Returneth!

Bill Craver News

“Maple Canyon is our most anticipated re-release to date,” affirms Alexa Long, Legion’s Head Brewer. “Prior to the establishment of Legion’s Naming Committee, I gave this beer a moniker that pays homage to a popular rock climbing destination, located on public land within the Uinta National Forest. It sounds made up, but there actually is a Maple Canyon, and I hope to go someday,” said the rock-climbing enthusiast.

Without further ado, Legion Brewing is proud to re-introduce Maple Canyon (Maple Syrup Brown Ale – 5.7% ABV, 35 IBUs). Originally released in early 2016, Maple Canyon boasts a roasty, nutty aroma that paves the way to notes of chocolate and coffee. The addition of real Vermont Maple Syrup adds the mild sweetness and creamy mouthfeel that helped Maple Canyon become one of Legion Brewing’s signature offerings.

Alexa further notes, “This brew came in slightly higher gravity than the style guidelines would suggest – trending in the direction of a robust porter. Balancing its heavy malt base, the addition of 55 pounds of Grade A, dark Vermont maple syrup towards the end of fermentation undoubtedly had a pronounced sweeting effect.”

In brewing Maple Canyon, the Brew Staff selected from a smorgasbord of grain options, including a base malt from our friends at Durham-based Epiphany Malt House as well as specialty malts that included Victory, brown, chocolate and caramel malts. The resulting chocolate, nutty malt base is perfectly complemented by the heavy syrup infusion.

Last Winter, Legion Brewing was just getting started, and we actually only brewed seven barrels of Maple Canyon. As popular as this beer was with our customers, it didn’t hang around for very long. Knowing what we do now, we stepped it up and brewed 30 barrels of maple goodness this time! That should give everyone a chance to stop in and have a pint.

“The chocolate and caramel notes from the various malts, combined with rich maple syrup, make this a versatile beer that should pair well with a variety of foods,” added Associate Brewer, Scott Griffin. “In particular, I think this beer could really be enjoyed with a classic breakfast of pancakes and bacon.”

The rest of us at Legion agree with Scott.  In fact, we’re planning on celebrating the release of Maple Canyon with a breakfast party on Saturday, January 28th. Roots Catering is providing a delicious breakfast, and we’ll be pouring this maple brown ale all morning…