Drop Your Schwarz

Bill Craver News

“Drop your shorts and bend over, Mr. Babar.”

          – Fletch


At Legion Brewing, we well understand the way Midwinter months make our customers want to cozy up to darker beers. Always eager to experiment with new styles, the Brew Staff has just dropped a unique variety of a darker beer that complements the stouts and porters we have served up to this point.

Get ready to ‘Drop Your Schwarz’ (Schwarzbier, 5.4% ABV, 29 IBUs). A Schwarzbier is a German-style that literally translates into English as “black beer.” This is a light-bodied and extremely drinkable lager with subtle notes of roast and chocolate toward the finish.

With a solid grain bill, primarily from Asheville’s Riverbend Malt House, Drop Your Schwarz features a distinctive malt character. Measuring 29 IBU’s, this brew is not overly bitter, foregoing some of the burnt malt characteristics that other dark beers tend to rely on.

As a style note, the fact that Schwarzbiers are dark in color does not mean that they are necessarily heavy in body. Many of these beers, including Drop Your Schwarz, tend to lean towards lighter end of the spectrum, which might surprise some folks. An alternative to traditionally-heavier Winter brews, many craft beer enthusiasts look to this style for a lighter beer, still with depth of color and taste.

“My Mom introduced me to this style of beer, since it is one of her favorites,” recalls Scott Griffin, Associate Brewer. “I am proud that we managed to brew an exemplary version of the style.  Clean and crisp, Drop Your Schwarz possesses the complexity of a bigger-bodied beer without the associated heaviness.”

So when the Midwinter itch to drink something a bit more flavorful invariably hits you, we hope that you will make a visit to our taproom and Drop Your Schwarz! A terrific addition to our Taproom lineup, we promise that trying this beer on for size will not bring about anything that might give you the urge to sing ‘Moon River…’