Beauty and the Beets

Bill Craver News

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”

Beauty and the Beast


With another seasonal release to brighten up the Taproom, the Legion Brew Staff outdid themselves in brewing a decidedly pink beer, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a warm holiday welcome to ‘Beauty and the Beets’ (Beet Saison, 6% ABV, 23 IBUs). This brew has a delightful way of melding notes of earth and citrus. We started with a NC-centric malt bill from Asheville-based, Riverbend Malt House. To this, our brewers kept things local, adding three varieties of Western North Carolina beets, including Red Gold and Chiogga varietals.

Not quite finished with this creation, we added a mandarin zest late in the fermentation process. Light citrus notes from the fruit perfectly complement those resulting from our hard-working, Saison yeast.

“The combination of citrus notes makes for a really unique blend of flavors,” notes Scott Griffin, Associate Brewer. “The addition of beets had an amazing influence on this brew’s color in a way that most ingredients aren’t able to produce. Frankly, we were surprised by how much color actually came through.”

We agree with Scott! Early indications from the Taproom are that Beauty and the Beets’ dark pink hue will make it a real head turner. This brew is truly a feast for your eyes and your palate – the perfect complement to any flight. No chance of getting thrown off by a brutish appearance, the beauty of this brew shines through from the very start…